How to use autower's debug mode

Here's the excerpt straight from the README:
Q: autower seems to do something wrong for a particular airport. Is there a way
   to find out why this is happening?
A: Yes. You have to use the executable version for this. Start it, passing the
   ICAO code for the airport that you want to analyze as parameter, for example
   "autower lfsb". It will re-scan your scenery, and while doing so, will
   display any information relevant to that airport. Note that some poorly
   designed AFCADs may result in wrong information, but autower has no way to
   detect that this is not intended and thus obeys it. However, this mechanism
   should at least give you the possibility to identify faulty AFCADs.
Now, a little more information on how to achieve this. It's merely a screenshot, but it should be useful for people who are not very familiar with the Windows command line. Press Ctrl-C to terminate the program once the information is displayed. The screenshot shows how autower determines the tower position for various airports. Note the difference in behavior depending on how much information is available.

If you want to fix the tower position (because it is not present, or wrong), read this.