autower - automatic tower position for FS 2004

This is autower's homepage. There are no Web 2.0 fancy rounded buttons here, but you should find all the information you need.
In a nutshell, autower is an add-on to Flight Simulator 2004 that automatically sets the tower position to the closest airport.

Have you ever been annoyed by the fact that when you want to see this perfect
touchdown you just made from an outside perspective, the tower is anywhere
but where it should be? Got frustrated trying to get the tower where
you think it is in reality, or at least somewhere where it fits well?

If the answer is yes, then take a look at autower. Designed to operate in
the background without any user intervention, it automatically moves the tower
to the airport where you want it to be, to the spot where the tower sits in
reality (well, at least somewhere close).

autower is free and open source software, released under the GNU General Public License.
autower is actively maintained and improved in response to user requirements. While there are versions available on popular sites related to Flight Simulation (uploaded by myself or by other people), those are not updated on a regular basis; the latest version, official support, and source code, is only guaranteed to be available here. In other words: this page is the authoritative source of information about autower.

autower requires FSUIPC. The free version of FSUIPC will work just fine, unless you're using an extremely old version (for FSUIPC 3.70 or older, you need a registered version).


Please help if you can

autower is, and will always be, free for you to download, use, and modify.

I'm glad to see that in general, the FS community is willing to recompensate developers for their efforts. If you think that autower is worth it, you're more than welcome to contribute -- but don't give your money to me. Please, if you can, donate to a Literacy Project in Laos. Thank you!!!

Note: I am not personally affiliated with Big Brother Mouse in any way. I simply fell in love with Laos and the people there, and I saw that BBM is doing something that is very much needed. Your donation will make a difference!
Kids in Laos reading books

News, Hints, Notes, Version history ...

Frequently asked questions

You're also very welcome to contact me by mail. Please look into any of the downloads to find my mail address.


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2012-01-14Gernot Great piece of software. Used 1.04 for many years, now updated to 2.4.0. Thanks!
2011-12-10Larry It's awesome
2011-02-27Christoph Clipfish: The issue has been verified to be a bug in AES, and is completely unrelated to autower. I've filed a bug report to Aerosoft, but now all we can do is wait for them to fix the problem. :-)
2011-02-27Christoph Ray: thanks for the report and for the testing. The issue has been addressed in version 2.2.0.
2011-02-19Ray Proudfoot Hi Christoph, Firstly, thanks for a really useful program. Autower 2.1.1 is reporting that a scenery layer cannot be opened for reading. It's a folder that (correctly) contains no BGLs. The scenery in question is the Canary Islands freeware from several years ago. The scenery folder contains 17 OFF files and relates to the Landclass layer for the Canary Islands.

I want to use your DLL rather than the EXE but FS always displays your "cannot be opened for reading" message and until it's OK'd FS doesn't continue loading.

Is there any way to ignore this scenery layer?

Ray Proudfoot.
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